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Friday , 27 April 2018
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A Jozi BMX Adventure

In the month of May 2013 a group of BMX riders set off on an adventure to Jozi with the goal of ridding as many new spots as possible while getting clips and pics along the way. We caught up with Red Bull rider, Buddy Chellan and got him to talk to us about the trip. With the amount of riding they did and the fun they had, it has definitely been put down in the books as one epic adventure.


Buddy Chellan Opposite  Wall Ride Table

You have recently been on a tour to Jozi. Who was the brainchild behind the tour and what was the reason for it being organised?
I’ve always been back and forth to JHB. Visiting my friends and riding the amazing spots and parks they have to offer. This time and for some time now I wanted other riders to experience the mission. For them to get out of Cape Town and explore a bit. I’ve always traveled alone and I kinda got over that. So this time I offered to take my panel van and drive through with some of my friends.

How long where you on tour for?
Well this is our 3rd trip in less than 3 months. Our stay for our last one was about 15 days.

Who we’re the riders that joined you?
The riders that joined me for this one where Dean Bailey, Brandon Blight, Clint Jacobs, Jayson Hood, Wayne Gorton, Julian and Scott came along. Good times.


Paul Southerland No Chain 180 Fakie Rail Hop Recover

Give us a rundown of the comps you entered, the spots you sessioned and everything else you got up to in-between?
The first 2 contests were dirt jams. One called “PHD” and the other “For Real Jam’. All the friends came out for these to show support and to be a part of something that hardly ever happens in JHB. Dirt contests…
We rode this park that blew my mind. Alexandra has a sick setup. Stoneridge way too dialed. The streets and the monuments are perfect.
This time around we stayed at a friend’s place in Centurion. I’ve never been to Pretoria so it was a treat to see fresh stuff.

Being the first one, what was the NAZ Jam experience like and where did the guys on the tour finish up?
NAZ Jam was insane. I was very proud of Tyrone Kelly for putting up an event like that. Again I showed my support and made that mission. The guys rode throughout the day but never rode the contest. Clint on the other hand rode. Killer!

What were some of the highlights of the tour?
The highlight for me was to see all my friends smiling and riding bikes. In all my goal was accomplished. That’s what I wanted to see. Lots of good riding went down but the end result, the stories, the laughs were priceless.


Ray Malinga Big 180

Where would you say was one of the best spots you rode?
Alexandra park was a treat. The setting, culture and the people blew me away. When you stood up on the deck of a ramp you’d look and really find yourself in District 9. Then come back to reality and have this amazing park to ride. Amazing…

What were some of the tricks the guys were pulling at this spot?
Some ramps could be moved around to make our own little setup. One line I remember was an Ice Slide Manual, Feeble to Bars Manual to Opposite Bars. Another Smith Manual to Feeble to Tuck No-Hander out. Crazy I tell you.

What was one of the mind blowing lines, transfers or tricks landed on the tour?
All the guys rode amazing. It’s hard to say what was the best because most riders are all different. I enjoyed watching Dean, Stuart and Paul Soderland ride. Also this kid Armand who is going to be amazing. He has a bright future.


Dean Bailey Barspin Manual Feeble Hard 180

Chris Jacobs unfortunately broke his arm on the tour. How did that happen?
I was sitting down when it happened but from what I can remember he clipped the rail going up in essence it bucked him forward super quick to his head. He was quick to put out his right arm but his wrist never got the better end. That was that hey…not nice.

What were some of the craziest things that happened on tour?
After NAZ jam we all went back to the cabin on the resort. We chilled out for some time having our fun. Then we joined the rest of the crew at the big bonfire. My friend Rico was also injured so I drove his 4×4. Chilling at the fire socializing and going mad we decided we wanted to leave and go back to the cabin. We left but in the process taking a braai place with us from the resort. [laughs] anyways, I proceeded to drive and decided to go off road a bit. Seeing it’s a 4×4 why not. I went over some ditch and next thing the whole resort had no electricity. Nothing….and it happened as I went over that ditch. So at this point I’m slightly freaking out. We get back to the cabin and our night goes on. In the dark of course. [Laughs] the morning comes and everything is back to normal. Power back on and we got the hell out of there. Good times for sure.

Any shout outs?
Thanks to Red Bull for always making my missions possible. To Rico for being a brother. NAZ for being awesome and all the friends that showed us a good time. Vans shoes for keeping us minty fresh. Thanks Wayne and Keith. My parents and love ones.

The Riders:


Buddy Chellan


Buddy Chellan Mini Transfer


Brandon Blight


Brandon Blight 540 Stairs


Clint Jacobs


Clint Jacobs Wall Ride Bike Slide


Dean Bailey


Dean Bailey Bar Manual Ice

Photos by Clint Jacobs
Photo Galley:

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