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Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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2017 SupaDrift Series 06 Drift Report

The final round of the 2017 SupaDrift Series took place at Carnival City. Over 2000 petrol heads were treated to 2 days of world class drifting as 25 professional drivers competed for the top spot and the championship title.

Drifting action from the final round of the 2017 SupaDrift Series

Jim McFarlane pulled out all the stops to be the top contender in qualifying.
In the Top 16 Dewit Oosthuizen lost narrowly to Morne Venter but his unrelenting driving style and talent earned a name for himself. Mikey Skelton beat Jason Webb, who was struggling in his Monstang with mechanical problems. Eric van Eyssen took charge against Stuart Gregory who forced the OMT, similarly Riaan Stokes beat Carl Werner. Gavin Puren took on Armand Bronkhorst and came out on tops. Paulo Gouveia fought hard against Vic Pardal to take the win, and Mathys Naude eliminated Joey Govender.

Drifting battled taking place in the Top 16 at the final round of the Supadrift series

All the drivers impressed in the Top 8 with Jim McFarlane on top of his game with another win, this time against Morne Venter. Paulo Gouveia had to go OMT against Mikey Skelton but came out tops to move into the semifinals, as did Gavin Puren, and Eric van Eyssen.

Drifting at its best at the Supadrift Series 06

The Semifinal run between Paulo Gouveia and Jim McFarlane decided the Championship. A contentious protest came from Gouveia but after significant reviews of the battle, judges deemed McFarlane the winner, and saw him walk away with the 2017 SupaDrift Series Championship.
Gavin Puren and Eric van Eyssen battled hard and it could have gone either way but Van Eyssen eventually eliminated by Puren.

Jim McFarlane crowned the 2017 Supadrift Series drifting champion

Eric van Eyssen and Paulo Gouveia’s 3rd/4th battle was a tight one and saw the on form Gouveia walk onto the podium in 3rd place.
The final battle between Gavin Puren and Jim McFarlane went off ablaze but Puren left a gap on the chase, which saw McFarlane take a clean sweep for the day’s racing

SupaDrift Series 06 Results

1st – Jim McFarlane
2nd – Gavin Puren
3rd – Paolo Gouveia

2017 SupaDrift Series Championship Results

1st Jim McFarlane
2nd Paolo Gouveia
3rd Gavin Puren
4th Eric van Eyssen

Photos by Supafly Design & Media.

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