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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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2017 SupaDrift Series 04 Drift Report

Nelson Mandela Bay’s Aldo Scribante Race Circuit bore witness to the tyre smoking, sideways drifting action that was SupaDrift Series 04. South Africa’s top drifters gathered to compete for the top spot in this round of the National Series, and valuable points in the race for the overall championship.

Jason Webb drifting his way to victory at SupaDrift Series 04

Known to be the fastest circuit on the calendar, Aldo Scribante makes for challenging and exciting high speed drift battles and this weekend’s racing was no exception. There was no shortage of talent with drivers like Jason Webb, Paolo Gouveia, Jim Mc Farlane and Eric van Eyssen all bringing their A game to keep their championship hopes alive. After a full day of practice on Friday, the drivers had most of their lines and angles dialed in for a full day of qualifying and tandem battles on Saturday’s Race Day.

Drift action at Supadrift Series 04

Coming off his massive win at SDO3, Monster Energy’s Jason Webb wasted no time and laid down some blisteringly fast qualifying runs. His entry speeds of just under 150KPH and massive angle impressed the judges enough to award him the top spot in qualifying round.
Eric van Eyssen showed why he’s one of the most exciting things to happen to Drifting in Southern Africa as he had the crowd on their feet with his “smoked out” 2nd place run.

Close drifting battles took place at the 4th round of the 2017 SupaDrift series

With the Top 16 drivers qualified, it was on to the tandem battles. The battles were heated from the start with a massive Round 2 battle between series’ leaders, Jim Mc Farlane and Paulo Gouveia.
After some fierce chases and follow runs, it was Mc Farlane and his Achilles V8 350Z that went through, leaving Gouveia knocked out of the competition a lot earlier than he had planned,  Jim taking over his top spot in the championship points race. Armand Bronkhorst put down some exciting runs in his V8 Mazda RX7 earning him the popular title of “Driver of the Day”.

Drifting action at its best at SupaDrift Series 04

In the end, it was the talented KZN boy, Gaven Puren who faced up against Cape Town’s Jason Webb in the finals. The battle was fierce but it was Jason’s speed and impeccable use of line choice that got him the top spot and the back to back win.

Jason Webb:  “A massive thanks to my sponsors and my team, my dad and Malcom. They made some custom changes to the suspension set up and the angle kits to adapt to this super fast track and, to be honest, I’m not sure that the car could feel any better. This track really tests you as a driver and with initiation speeds of 150km/h, you really have to be on point. It’s the most amazing feeling to throw you car sideways at that speed and it felt so good in my Monster Energy Roush Mustang.”

The final showdown at Round 4 of the 2017 SupaDrift Series

With Jason Webb now in the mix and the change around of the overall points, it could be anyone’s championship as we head into the final 2 stops of the SupaDrift Series season.

SupaDrift Series 04 Results

1st Jason Webb
2nd Gavin Puren
3rd Jim Mc Farlane
4th Brendan Puren
5th Eric Van Eyssen
Driver of the day – Armand Bronkhorst

2017 Supadrift Series round 4 podium

Photos by Grant Maclachlan.

Photo Gallery:

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